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GFC General Trading LLC takes pride in being one of the fastest growing distribution companies of the UAE. Founded in 2003 by a dynamic and experienced FMCG management professional with over 20 years of UAE and GCC market experience in the fresh food sector.

GFC General Trading LLC takes pride in being one of the fastest growing distribution companies of the UAEThe main activities of GFC is import and distribution of premium food products. The division has created a niche for itself by servicing the petrol stations chains of  EMARAT, ADNOC and EPPCO / ENOC with short shelf- life products.

GFC is a pioneer in the distribution and marketing of unpasteurized Fresh squeezed  juices in a Petrol station setup , something that no other distribution company undertook as only we have mastered the management of the product to ensure maximum freshness and quality.

Other products in our portfolio are Fresh sandwiches, croissants, breads (bakery products),fresh chilled chicken, Beef/Chicken franks, Camel Nuts, Habbaturki Sunflower seeds, Wonderful Pistachios, Chocolate Eggs and Marshmallows.

To provide the right focus customers are segmented by sales groups of Co Operatives and Petrol Station Chains. We have  been successfully distributing  a range of over 180 listed SKUs to 320 Petrol Stations since 2008 and 20 outlets of Cooperative Societies and approx 200 boutique stores with daily service

The monthly turnover of this division averages AED 2.50 million.

Non Food Category Expansion

We aim to strengthen new product distribution with Non Food Category as well.

We presently distribute Clean Wipes, and Lens Cleaners along with Car Air purifiers, Perfumes, Toys etc. also for the Qatar market.

We have a full-fledged office with warehousing facility for Abu Dhabi operations looking at the future potential with growth.

  • Our Philosophy lies in a sustainable partnership with absolute transparency and business ethics.
  • Our strategy revolves around garnering Golden Handshakes around the globe which will eventually create Win-Win business models to cater to diversified market needs.
  • Our strength lies in protecting the value chain in order to give our customers the best prices